Sunday, April 03, 2011

Damaged Women stage a drunken 2 AM march.....

Damaged Women Stage Drunken 2 a.m. March On Washington


PatriotUSA said...

"why are you ignoring us?"

Priceless, just pricless.

Emo twats on parade.

I'm thinking my two ex-snags
are in the parade some place.

Maybe they should all take up
pole dancing for someone who cares
and has a spare buck.

Entertaining at the very least!

dhanna59 said...

Didn't I see my wife in the crowd? I put her through college, now she is a tenured union high school biology teacher ( daughter of very liberal retired union teacher). 17 years of I'm a Army Asshole. So I retired so I would never have to leave her (and our 2 girls) again even though I wanted to stay in. Bitch up and leaves me 2 years later and moves in with lesbian junior high band director under the pretext of years of "emotional" abuse. I sill got the house, kids and she knows she better not think about touchin my retirement. Are all women just basically nuts or what? Plus, they're not much fun when they quit drinkin and think that you have have an obligation to quit as well. If not, it wouldn't be fair, just "abusive"...