Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Damned smoke nazis

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Police say a Southern California father shot at his adult son for leaving cigarette butts in the backyard.
The Monday morning shooting led to a 90 minute lockdown of a nearby Anaheim elementary school.
Police Sgt. Rick Martinez says 68-year-old John Bennem found the cigarette butts and became angry. The Los Angeles Times says Bennem pulled out a handgun and marched his son into the backyard to show him the butts. 
Martinez says Bennem fired a shot, but it didn't strike the son.
The man surrendered to police after a brief standoff outside the home.
Bennem was booked for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats.


Stinkwilly said...

This, is the kind of hotheaded assholes we do not need, EVArrrr.

Bella said...

Pops snapped! Obviously the keywords here are Adult Son. Pops is still letting the little prick live with him or can't get rid of him (ask me, I know). We love our children but when they're almost 28 and don't want to work or abide by your rules, then shoot them. It's all clear to me. ;) I think I've snapped.

Anonymous said...

well i for am glad to hear we still have ballzy ppl here in my U. S. of A.. It reminds me when i first moved to the eastern mtns of Kentucky back in the early 80s. I had not been there a week an heard on the radio where one brother shot the other 5 times in the chest for using the last of the toilet paper in the outhouse. I enjoyed 3 years of living there. No problems with ppl who can tell it like it is and mean it. A trait i have tried to maintain my entire life.

Bella said...

Anonymous (coward), I was spewing. I'm Canadian and Proud of It. I was bullshitting. I won't kill my kid.

steve tompkins said...

i'm with bella

Bella said...

Kisses to you, Steve Tompkins! :)

wirecutter said...

Steve's an old high school friend of mine, Bella. We reconnected a few years ago - I was surprised he turned out to be semi-respectable.