Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hey, I had to cancel my FB account because of harrassment so don't think I dropped you as a friend. Just part of the hassle of running a blog with my FB info, you know.
All of y'all are near and dear to my heart and I enjoyed all of your postings, you redneck sumbitches.
I'll reactivate it as soon as the shit blows over.
And no, it wasn't from the racist blog bullshit. It's something totally unrelated that I won't go into now.
Family shit, ya know?


Bushwack said...

Family issues... Yep they suck. Don't bother me a bit though you wasn't a "Friend" ya bastard... LOL

We need to start a new social media for folks like us man. Call it "Redneck bog dwellin beer drinkin racist book"....Or something. I bet we'd put facebook out of business..

Rick said...

come over to Infidels United....

Zilla/MJ said...

Aww, I just found you there! Well be sure I can find you again when you get back. There's a reason why I have more than one account, because my relatives & people I grew up with just can't handle my rightwingery so it's just easier to have a seperate account for my politicizing. I only post to my other profile when I feel like fighting.