Saturday, April 09, 2011

Fuck 'em

Poor CharlieGodammit hates Hank III.
Just about the time I get good and fucked up, he's ready to go to bed and that's when I crank up my hellbilly music and start dancing around the house yee-hawing and thigh slapping.
I'm pretty sure my neighbors ain't real thrilled about it either.


Just John said...

Fuck the neighbors, and keep the dog. Just my .0000002 cent's worth.

dhanna59 said...

Fuck 'em. Then shoot some holes in their roof. Problem solved. Nuff said.

wirecutter said...

Actually I like my neighbors on either side of me.
They've never said a word to me about my music, me practicing my coyote calling in the middle of the night or smoke bombs in the alley to check if I have the coloring right.
And I don't say a word about their Okie shit either.

davecydell said...

Speaking of Okies

Boy From Oklahoma

Hog Whitman said...

Here's a trailer for the Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.

Turns out Hank III is pals with these guys. I was kinda shocked. If you've got Netflix you can watch the whole movie right now. You'll want to look away but you won't be able to.

I like Hank III's music but he should never, ever talk on camera again.