Wednesday, April 06, 2011

High crimes and lowdown criminals

This morning when I was leaving for work am MPD car came flying around the corner barely missing me and considering I can't remember the last time I saw a patrol unit on my street actually patrolling, I went around the block and pulled back into my driveway and watched them sneak into a yard a block up.
So I went into work all worried about CGD because MPD has a nasty habit of trespassing into peoples' yards "while pursuing a suspect" and shooting the dogs that are guarding those yards so they can access them, never mind the fact that if the dogs won't let a fucking cop into the yard they damned sure won't let anybody else in there either.
But I had to go to work, you know?

And then tonight I see this headline:
Officers arrest carjacking suspect after brief chase in Modesto
and I read the story and Holy Fucking Shit, it all went down just up the street from my house!
Then I re-read it again and find out it all happened later in the day, not this morning.

MODESTO -- The Stanislaus County Auto Theft Taskforce on Wednesday arrested a man who is suspected of carjacking a man at gunpoint earlier this week.
Michael Lomauhie, 23, is suspected of using a small caliber handgun to hit the victim and take his Nissan truck, according to Sgt. Aaron Tait.
Task force officers found the vehicle parked near Kimble and Floto Streets on Wednesday afternoon and waited for the suspect to approach the vehicle. He appeared with a female companion, Tait said.
When officers approached, Lomauhie ran but was quickly apprehended in the 100 block of Kimble. He was charged with carjacking, auto theft and resisting arrest.
The woman, Shaylynn Marlton, 31, was arrested on a charge of possession of stolen property. Officers are investigating whether she played a role in the carjacking.
A police dog was called to the scene to search for the weapon but none was located.

Man, what kind of fucking ghetto is my neighborhood turning into?
Thank God for CharlieGodammit, my 12 gauge shorty and my Colt 45......


davecydell said...

I hope CGD got a piece of that police dog.
A friend of mine has an American Eskimo. His daughter took Stinky to her place where she and her boyfriend have a Pitbull.
Somehow the dogs met up in her backyard, Stinky bit the hell out of the Pitbull. End of dogfight.

Anonymous said...

Your first post to this and your friend dying in your arms still show up on the internet. Thought you should know.

wirecutter said...

Hey, I was cleared of that.....