Friday, April 01, 2011


I got this couple, or trio or more across the street that's gay. I can deal with that, this is after all Kalifornia. Seriously, I could care less who or what they fuck as long as it ain't me or CGD and I seriously doubt my wolfdog would let them even come close..
And they let me know occasionally when they see something they deem "suspicious" (tattooed people-whoa!) around my property.
But their fucking 70s disco music has to go. It is driving me FUCKING INSANE.
I couldn't even stand that shit in the 70s.....
You may be reading about this in the paper shortly.


Skip said...

Not a prob Bro, take Sir Charles for a walk when you knock on their door to tell 'em to cool it.
Might take a coupla walks.

wirecutter said...

Actually, they love that fucking dog. And he seriously loves them.
Go figure.

Deb said...

The Village People? KC and the Sunshine Band? Donna Summer?

The worst period of time in the history of music.

You need to straighten them out...musically, that is.

Deb said...

What about Lane's Law? You'd go on your shooting spree then you'd get a call telling you they confused your medical tests with someone else's and that you're healthy as a horse. That means you'd be friends with Bubba and walking backwards.


Disco is why I drank my way through the 70s.
I'm still looking for an excuse for the '80s, '90s, and '00s.
Now, with Obamandius, I'm not sure that even whisky will be enough.

Anonymous said...

Dogs don't understand gay, they'll hump anything. Maybe Charlie likes disco.

dhanna59 said...

Hey, when you get a spring rain there wouldn't it be shame if their ceiling fell in? Jus Sayin..shame.