Monday, April 04, 2011

I would never see CharlieGodammit again

He gets all butt hurt now if he doesn't get at least a little raw red meat everyday.
I may not get red meat but he damned sure does.


Zilla/MJ said...

The dog on the can looks like a big dog, the kind of dog that would go all Cujo if forced to eat tofu.
I have a little dog & a big dog, both have been known to join my cats outdoors killing & eating birds & bunnies, if I didn't give them meat they probably just go out & kill more stuff.
That would kind of defeat the purpose that the hippies making vegan dog food have in mind.

Stretch said...

Nah, He'd just eat you.

Anoun Amouse said...

Stupid ass libtards, dogs are predators and NEED meat.