Sunday, April 03, 2011

I'm in my happy place

Showered and shaved, bacon and fried taters on the stove, dog snoring and farting at my feet and absolutely nothing I have to do today.
Not only that but it's a nice day with a pleasant breeze blowing through my opened up house airing it out.
The only thing fucking it up is $4.00 a gallon gas and deep snow in the mountains.
But still, bacon and fried taters with bacon salt.........
It don't take much to keep a simpleton simple man happy.


drjim said...

Yeah, pretty nice day so far.
I sold three computers on craigslist, the stepson and his girlfriend are scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen, and I'll do the vacuuming and dusting before the wife gets home later tonight from her yearly vacation with two of her buddies.
And as much as I fucking HATE going to Costco on Sunday, I gotta go get a bag of food for the pups and a flat of Diet Coke for me.

Jack Russell said...

$4 a gallon?

Try living with $10 a gallon like we do in the UK!
Surprised we haven't had a Civil war yet!

PS. Great blog.

Jack Russell - Devon, England

Anonymous said...

Bacon salt? Where can I get it? Don't say Walmart, I hate that f-in place.

wirecutter said...

I think Woody said he got it Cost Plus.

PatAZ said...

Even bacon is too expensive, at almost $4.00 a pound. The bacon salt sounds really good.

Anonymous said...

No Cost Plus anywhere near. Damn it.