Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lisas' Rant

I picked up a new follower today and when I clicked on her site the very first post I saw was about bacon scented perfume.
She got a new follower too with that post.
Anyways, she's just getting started but looks like she's our kind of people. Go to her site and give her some encouragement.


PatriotUSA said...

Another bacon lover, like what I read and she may be as 'normal' as us.

Thanks for the suggestion!!!

dhanna59 said...

I tried to send her a welcome message but her comments are jakked or I am fubared...

dhanna59 said...

PATRIOTUSA, Dude, I got a fuzzy feein I know yow... 3 ID, 101 ABN, 2 ACR recently?

Lisa said...

I've been found you from Brian of Frankenstien Gov. Can't believe you're stuck in California! But glad you survive the moonbat shit!

PatriotUSA said...


No, I don't think so even though I am flattered but hey to be honest with you you seem familiar to me too.

We have run across each other someplace as the dhanna59 looks
very familiar to me. Can't say
from where though.