Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I wish they made (or at least sold in Kalifornia) Busch in a 16 ounce can. A 12 ouncer is only good for 2 pulls before it's empty and I get too fucked up drinking Tall Boys.

I do not own a single 30 caliber bullet that isn't 165 grains. 150 grains is a little light in both 308 and 30.06 and 180 grains drops too fast.

I'd rather have a woman that's light in tits and heavy in ass than the other way around.

CGD is the best dog that I've ever had. Smart, eager to please, loves kids and other dogs, is aloof to other people, protective but not aggresive, loves to ride in the back of the truck and is a babe magnet. If he had a stub tail instead of that curly husky tail, he'd look exactly like Ol' Yeller.

I'm going to try to bake some bread with sausage stuffing and bacon topping in the smoker this weekend. Gotta do it Friday because I know I'm going to be shitting my brains out for the next couple of days.

Been thinking about getting "Infidel" in arabic writing tattooed on the side of my trigger finger when I get my income tax.

I've got an A-1 Optics scope for sale. 8x32x50mm, lighted reticule with extra battery. Scope is used - I bought it, mounted it and shot it on my 22-250 before I realized that it's better suited for a varmint hunter than a coyote hunter - it's got some weird-ass range finding graduated scale that's too damned busy for somebody needing a snap shot. I was going to ebay it but figured I'd give a reader first shot. It retails for $300+ but I'll take $125 for it, I'll pay the shipping. Go to A-1s' website for the scope details.
No bidding, first person to contact me gets the scope regardless of higher (and later) offers.

I want to wire the back of my property with a motion detector and lights, but I also want to hook it up to a buzzer or bell in my bedroom that will give me a short 1 second alarm in my bedroom but leave the lights on for a full 10 minutes. Any ideas on how to do that?

And finally......Fuck Obama.


Bushwack said...

Don't need the scope, CGD seems to be a great dog, 308 and 30-06 are good killin motherfuckers rifles... Wiring up your back 40...

Trail cams are a good fairly cheap (depends on how elaborate you want the system to work) way to accomplish it. Motion fired so with a little ingenuity can be programed to send a call to a cell phone on detect.

Anonymous said...

use 2 motion detectors

Snappy Dan's Opinions said...

Just paod a visit to that Kids blog

and I gotta say that he's a great reason why his momma should have been taken birth control pills.

PISSED said...

Hear, Hear, on your last Musing :)

Snappy Dan's Opinions said...

Any of those idiots on the left ever cross the line on to my property better be wearing a suit of armor.

Phillip said...

On one of the motion detector lights, add a power outlet. You've probably seen them, where they screw into the light socket, provide a power outlet, then have a light socket. Use a wire from that to run the buzzer into your bedroom. If you're comfortable with doing the wiring, you can skip the power outlet and add the wires to the wiring for the light socket the motion detector trips.

If you're looking for something wireless, that's a different story. I'd have to look around for that.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks for the great visuals. I'm all scoped up already.

Danb said...

both good ideas but i think you could get away with one motion detector and tie a timed relay to the out put side you can get these to fire for almost any length of time you want. You can pick them up at almost any surplus store they are used alot in industry. I would look for one with a 120 output and tie ot to a 24 volt transformer and then wire it to a doorbell or some other kind of noise maker good luck

dhanna59 said...

Hey, do you need me to draw you a frikkin schematic....Lotsa help huh?

I'm so ashamed said...

How about you "MUSE DEES NUTZ?"