Friday, April 01, 2011

My day so far

Cut the backyard (75' x 50' and knee-high), went shopping, changed my oil, mailed off a package to Cousin Jen, did laundry, did dishes, vacuumed the carpet, scrubbed the tub, did the recycling for the month, went to the ex's bank and deposited her money, got a nice chunk of beef on the smoker, and doctored CharlieGodammits' foot where he cut it yesterday.
And it's only 12:30.
Things still to do? Mount the scope that drjim graciously gave me on my springer, zero it, take CGD to the dog park before he drives me fucking crazy, eat my chunk of meat, do my taxes and get drunk.

Maybe with all that domestic bullshit out of the way I can finally go find a coyote to shoot at sometime this weekend.


Bushwack said...

Yep busy morning for sure. My day started out real busy too but I'm a multitasking motherfucker.

My Rott is on "Walk only" restrictions due to an injury of his right leg. I got a bunch of domestic crap done and then hired a kid to cut my grass while the wife and dogs went on a 3 mile walk around a park.

Now my arm has been pulled out of the socket, gotta reset it. Damn ducks and cats running around make my Rott Gunner want to kill something...He's got a damn choke chain with spikes on the inside.. Doesn't stop him from lunging and trying to drag my ass all over the park!

drjim said...

Go blast a 'yote for me!
And enjoy the weekend.

rpm2day said...

Pretty much makes up for your "I know, I'm a puss" post!

dhanna59 said...

Package from Louisiana probly get there on Monday or Tuesday, you gonna have to go get it, 28 lbs.


I came across some good shit that worked like that back in mid 80's. If it first made you shit then throw up, buy it, it's good. Multi-tasking at its best!