Friday, April 01, 2011

My shootin' room

Yeah, I got this fucking tiny breakfast nook off of my kitchen that's been used as a plant room (not those kind) and a storage room. I can honestly say in the 14 years I've lived here, I have never ate a meal or had a cup of coffee here.
A buddy of mine turned me onto a springer not too long ago after his boy shot and killed the family cat with it (it was either the rifle or the boy and I don't tolerate no kids that have no gun sense so I took the rifle) but it's illegal to discharge any type of firearm in city limits and that springer is a lot louder than I thought - think 22 short as far as noise goes.
But then I got to thinking - I got a table and bench in a room that I don't use with a window facing 75 feet of backyard and no full time old lady to object....... You know what's coming, huh?
And here's the view from the bench to the 50' target....

From the target....... photo was zoomed in.
A little closer view......
Of course I have to remember to bring this silly son-of-a-bitch in before I commence to shooting......
Wouldn't want to be accidentially headshooting my wolfdog, ya know.

I can even shoot at night with my spotlight trained on the target......

Seriously, I can crank up Hank III or Waylon or Patsy, crack open a beer and shoot all night long. The house contains the noise of the springer and the newspapers behind the target muffle the WHAP of the pellet hitting the backboard.
Fuck, I'm in redneckin' heaven. Eat your heart out, Derek!

And I seriously want to thank drjim from Every Blade Of Grass for donating the scope. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was in need of one and within a couple of days he had sent me one and above my objections, refused payment. He's good people.