Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh, I'm hatin' now.

I'm getting to the point where I have absolutely no tolerance for anybody anymore. I have friends that I would be shocked if somebody pointed out that they were black, hispanic or whatever, but these are friends that have stood by me and I know love me.
But other than those few? I'm serious. I really dislike everybody.
If you're sensitive to racial and ethnic slurs, click off now.
If you're a liberal, click off now.
If you're a RINO, goodbye and stay gone.
Deep breath.
Here goes.

Politicians, Walk your motherfucking talk or keep walking. Hopefully off a cliff. I almost respect a liberal that truly believes and acts on their misguided thoughts. But you're still fucked up and you should've died at birth. If you're a RINO, You should be shot as a traitor. Scott Brown, are you listening?

Hispanics, Even though I know that all illegals don't come from down south, I know that the bulk of the immigration outrage has been directed at you and there's a reason. Most of our illegal immigrants come from our southern border. Period. If you came into this country legally, congratulations and I wish you a great future. But do us all a favor. Assimilate. Learn our language, learn our customs and become American. Not Mexican American, not Salvadorian Americans not whatever Americans. Pledge your allegiance and lives to your new Nation, not the shithole you left behind.

Blacks - quit acting like niggers. Seriously. You wanted integration, you got it, now fucking live it. Fuck your separatist rap music, your made-up african names, and especially your so called "culture" - you've had 150+ years to adapt to our Nations' culture. Deal with it. You're American. I recognize it and it's about time you did too.

Yankees? Keep your ass up north and back east leave us fucking rednecks alone. We like the way we live. We mind our own business, we keep to ourselves for the most part and we don't much give a fuck oabout you or your influences.
And last but not least.:

Motherfuckers that hate Yankees.
Two things here.
Yankees? Them boys fought for our Nation before we were a nation. The Green Mountain Boys were the most famous. Google them sometime and settle in for a full evening of study. We owe EVERYTHING to those Yankees.
And a little later, Damnedyankees - The War has been over since 1865, like it or not. Yes, you can love and celebrate your Southern heritage (as I do) but fuck, let the hatred and prejudices go.
A horrendous number of blacks, asians and hispanics have given their lives in numerous wars to defend this Glorious Nation we ALL love so much. Wanna talk shit? One of the first men killed in our war of rebellion against Britain was a black man named of Crispus Attucks. Sure 'nuff, folks.

Okay. I'm done.
Shake hands.