Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh, I'm hatin' now.

I'm getting to the point where I have absolutely no tolerance for anybody anymore. I have friends that I would be shocked if somebody pointed out that they were black, hispanic or whatever, but these are friends that have stood by me and I know love me.
But other than those few? I'm serious. I really dislike everybody.
If you're sensitive to racial and ethnic slurs, click off now.
If you're a liberal, click off now.
If you're a RINO, goodbye and stay gone.
Deep breath.
Here goes.

Politicians, Walk your motherfucking talk or keep walking. Hopefully off a cliff. I almost respect a liberal that truly believes and acts on their misguided thoughts. But you're still fucked up and you should've died at birth. If you're a RINO, You should be shot as a traitor. Scott Brown, are you listening?

Hispanics, Even though I know that all illegals don't come from down south, I know that the bulk of the immigration outrage has been directed at you and there's a reason. Most of our illegal immigrants come from our southern border. Period. If you came into this country legally, congratulations and I wish you a great future. But do us all a favor. Assimilate. Learn our language, learn our customs and become American. Not Mexican American, not Salvadorian Americans not whatever Americans. Pledge your allegiance and lives to your new Nation, not the shithole you left behind.

Blacks - quit acting like niggers. Seriously. You wanted integration, you got it, now fucking live it. Fuck your separatist rap music, your made-up african names, and especially your so called "culture" - you've had 150+ years to adapt to our Nations' culture. Deal with it. You're American. I recognize it and it's about time you did too.

Yankees? Keep your ass up north and back east leave us fucking rednecks alone. We like the way we live. We mind our own business, we keep to ourselves for the most part and we don't much give a fuck oabout you or your influences.
And last but not least.:

Motherfuckers that hate Yankees.
Two things here.
Yankees? Them boys fought for our Nation before we were a nation. The Green Mountain Boys were the most famous. Google them sometime and settle in for a full evening of study. We owe EVERYTHING to those Yankees.
And a little later, Damnedyankees - The War has been over since 1865, like it or not. Yes, you can love and celebrate your Southern heritage (as I do) but fuck, let the hatred and prejudices go.
A horrendous number of blacks, asians and hispanics have given their lives in numerous wars to defend this Glorious Nation we ALL love so much. Wanna talk shit? One of the first men killed in our war of rebellion against Britain was a black man named of Crispus Attucks. Sure 'nuff, folks.

Okay. I'm done.
Shake hands.


Mile Hi said...

Damn!!Feel better?

wirecutter said...

Whew. Yeah. Thanks, man.

PatriotUSA said...

Well said, well said and those who get offended by this, well they can get lost.

I have been called every name in the book and ya know what, at one time or another I dislike and hate every race, religion, politician, myself, you name it. I am equal opportunity when it comes to being
a racist, islamophobe, neocon whack job, right wing extremeist, gun tottin' redneck, whatever.

Thanks for expressing how I feel much of the time.

drjim said...

Ho-lee sheet!
You just said a whole lot of stuff I _think_ without actually saying to anybody but myself.
And you're right.
A long time a go my Daddy taught me all I needed to know about dealing with people. He told me there were good people, and assholes. And they ALL come in different sizes, shapes, and COLORS.
I've got some really good friends that are black and some others that are Hispanic. I could give two shits what their background is....THEY'RE GOOD PEOPLE.
And I know plenty of white trash I don't want to be within 50 feet of. And some of them are worth some serious coin!
Thanks for saying what you did!

Bushwack said...

WTF was that? Don't know if I can agree with it or not... Kind of fucked me up with the last part... I knew about Crispus and all but stop hatin yankees? Fuck that... I'm an Angel fan and I hates them over paid over hyped fuckin yankees..

Yeah I'm all about the stars and bars, southern heritage and I love the way it gets to them damn yankees. The war of Northern Aggression was fought over states rights. Bottom line, and yep slavery was part of it... I often put the "What if" on today's issues.

What if the Arizona issue was the proverbial straw? What if AZ and Texas decided to break away from the Union over Obama's suit about Illegal Immigration? What if the states that have adopted the same type law joined them? Basically that's exactly how the first civil war started. The victor writes the history books...

As far as your Hispanic/Black rant.. AMEN. And it would be a NON issue without the hyphens. Assimilate be my brother, hyphen, you're a mother fucker...

Oh and I real glad you posted something I didn't want to have to go up there and cut off your porn channel!

Deb said...

This Yankee will be under a rock hiding from the wrath of Wirecutter.


Tom said...


I agree with you, especially on the "politically correct" politicans and liberals -- sorry, but there is NO way to pick up a turd by the clean end!

Your note on Hispanics can also be applied to nearly every foreigner who comes to live in our great land. It's fine to be proud of your ancestry. But if America is where you choose to live, then become an American!! Don't be trying to impose your way on us -- you chose to come here, so knock off the bullshit and become one of us! Learn and USE our language, not the jibber-jabber you spoke in your former home. And if one of you rag-heads EVER treat my wife like she was "property" again (this happened in a Walmart, by the way) -- well, when she gets done with you, I will personally stomp what little remains of your greasy ass into the pavement!

Well said, Wirecutter -- well said!


PISSED said...

Great Post! THANKS

Zilla/MJ said...

Excellent! I am with you on this even though I am just some poor white trash from New York, however, I notice you offered nothing in this post for the perpetually offended islamorageboys. Surely you have some wrath to spare for those pushy hateful fucks and their sandal licking enabler Obama.

Suzi said...


Thanks for putting into words what I feel in my heart!

Anonymous said...

Amen, motherfucker. Leave us Okies alone. Thats how we like it.

Zilla/MJ said...

Cutter, I borrowed a section from your commenting policy for my own blog as there is a fuckload of drama under one of my blog posts. I linked back to your place so your brilliance gets the credit it deserves. Just thought I'd let ya know.

beachbirdie said...

Awesome. You sound like my spouse. He sure gets a rise out of people in those "lunch-hour" discussions at work when he says "damn right I'm prejudiced. I hate everybody. I hate blacks, I hate Asians, I hate whites, I hate Mexicans. I hate everybody who is looking for a handout and trying to use their color to get ahead of anybody else".

BTW, I followed a link from Zilla of the Resistance. Can't remember how I got hooked up over there though!

yelolab said...

I can appreciate your points made but need to urge you to check the rev war facts. The Yankee's were spinning their wheels against the Brits most of the war. It was the Southerners who had most of the victories over the "world's greatest army." Starting in Cowpens, SC ending at Yorktown, VA the southern battles are what won the war.

Anonymous said...

How do you think those of us from the South feel about a California boy that talks shit about Okies? Fuckin Yank.

Anonymous said...

I think I love you man.

LI Rob said...

I check your page at least once a day. Your blog is both amusing and informative (I mean seriously where the fuck else is someone going to learn how to water proof their Carhartt, get tips on smoking meat AND learn about politics?). I just want you to know that there are some Yankees that like drinking, bacon, cooking shit on a fire and shooting shit. I feel the same way as you about a lot of shit. Fuck Obama.

Tattoo Jim said...

Could not have said it better myself Ken... and some of it I might have put in all caps... good job!!

Everett said...

Good Post!! I totally agree with all you said!!

Fuck Obamaroid!!

rpm2day said...

Classic rant, even beats MY best!

I think you need to hit a karaoke bar, get shit faced, sing out of tune all night and bring home a sweetie. That's what I think.

Skip said...

Ya hit it in spades Bro.
Thats why I read your shit. You don't fuck around, like my few buds.

MrG's said...

Man, I couldn't have said it any better....and I couldn't have.....You rock there Wirecutter;)

wirecutter said...

Ya'll rock and I ain't even real fucked up yet.
Thankee, thankee.

TexasFred said...

I am an equal opportunity racist...

I HATE everyone equally..

No, really, I do...

And God help California if Bushwack and Wirecutter get together, talk about THE BIG ONE... LMAO...

Mulligan said...

is this a new religion and how do I join?

Toaster 802 said...

Those Green Mountain Boys? They are still here and getting ready to ride again.

"The gods of the valley are not the gods of the hills, and you shall understand it"

...Ethan Allen

We in those hills are the same Scots-Irish troublemakers that are the warrior class and backbone of the nation. The metro-sexual marxists hate us as much as the landed class in England hated the Highlanders, and are using the same soco-political and "legal" assaults against our culture his Majesty did against his Celtic "subjects".

Keeping the clans of Scotland and Ireland feuding is how the English maintained control. Same with our Master class. Keep the Okies, Southrons, the Cowboys, and the thinking men of every race who prize Liberty, freedom, and America from banning together, since they would be a threat to the Ivy tower crew at that point. We are all redneck trash to them.
But soon, very soon, our time will arrive...Question is, will we be up to the challenge?