Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ahmed jr, the suicide bomber

Saw this over at Right Truth this morning and had to steal it.
Hey, when we were kids, we all played Cowboys and Indians, right? But who always won? The good guys, our heroes the cowboys, right?
You can see who the hero in their play is - the suicide bomber.
Watch where the bomber (in black) says goodbye to all his friends, then is stopped by the security forces, then throws dirt and dust into the air to simulate an explosion.
Even if this clip was staged by adults (it probably was given the quality) it's still disturbing. These are the kids that our kids will be fighting in a few years.
We can only hope for lots of premature detonations.


Zilla/MJ said...

I'm so sick of the islamorageboys 7 their appeasers. I have a spiffy video up at my place today that you might like, today is Burn a Half million Korans Day(for the digital age). I also have a picture of Gen. Petreaus which clearly shows just which side he is on in this war. Prepare to be pissed:

Anonymous said...

A society that does not love their children is evil
Paul in Texas

rpm2day said...

Fucked up beyond all belief.
Is there an acronym for that?

wirecutter said...

Yeah rpm, it's pronounced allahu akbar.