Monday, April 25, 2011

Recognizes muslim hloidays, ignores the Christian ones.

What a fucking punk.
Can you tell that the spokesman was dodging the question about Wingnut issuing a simple fucking statement about Easter?

- From Green Mountains Homesteading, a great site by a True Patriot.


dhanna59 said...

TOOL. Retarded, short-bus ridin', window lickin', year round taxpayer funded day care POSTER CHILD for loser inbred parents, TOOL.... Did I mention bugger-eatin', nose-snot slurppin', scratch his own ass, sniff and laff LIBTARD? AND, makin' six+ figures a year for havin' almost no control or mastery of the frikkin' ENGLISH language... Must have been personally interviewed by Moochelle. What a nice NERDY white boy to replace the last TOOL!

wirecutter said...

Fuck D, you liberal motherfucker. Why don't you say what's really on your mind?
BTW, thanks for the info today. I appreciate your help.