Sunday, April 24, 2011

Remind me to never piss them off

My neighbor across the street had married my pharmicist and shortly moved out because his new family had suddenly outgrown their home.
He rented the place out to a guy that said it was just him, his daughter and a roomie.
Well, guess what.
It turned into 4 or 5 adults living there with a BOY, and a non-stop party.
A couple of months ago, I heard an argument in the street and I jumped out and told the motherfuckers to either put it in the car or back in the house and the next thing I know, the cops are beating on my door saying I threatened them with a gun.
I invited the nice officers inside and explained things to them. They must've believed me, seeing as I didn't go to jail.
Yesterday, when I was picking up my blood pressure meds, Sarah asked how things we're going. I told her about the problems and she gave me her hubby's number, said if there were any more problems, to give him a call. She also mentioned that Bens' brother was on the local force.
Tonight, there was a problem. Loud music, shit being talked in the street, cars blocking driveways. I called Ben and within 15 minutes, cops were everywhere. I walked outside and explained who I was and they asked me to identify the cars that belonged to the neighbors on either side, explained that they had knocked on the door across the street with no answer and they were going to start issuing citations.
Not only that, but had they towed every fucking car that was even slightly blocking a driveway.
I'm glad me and Ben are on good terms........