Saturday, April 09, 2011

You're outta here, Stud

Even black voters slip from prez
No wonder he's become such good pals with Al Sharpton.
President Obama's approval ratings among black voters plummeted last month to their lowest levels ever, while his support among Hispanics took a tumble in the same period, according to a surprising new poll released yesterday.
Blacks continue to back him by a wide margin, with 85 percent of respondents saying they approved of him in the latest Gallup poll.
But that number dropped a hefty 5 percentage points from last month, marking the lowest rating among that core constituency that he's had since taking office.
He also dropped 5 points among Hispanics, sliding from 59 percent to 54, according to the poll. That number ties his July and August 2010 lows.
The one-two punch among two groups that helped usher him into the White House comes just after he announced the kickoff of his 2012 election campaign.


That's a far cry from the 98% of the black voters that voted you in because of racism, asshole.
Folks that voted for you because you're black was just as guilty of racism as them that didn't vote for you for the same reason.
Sheeeit, even your own people are hatin' your ass.
That's fucked up.....


Zilla/MJ said...

He's done nothing for black people (or any people other than illegals and islamists), he can't even identify with them because he lived in foreign lands while the rest of us actually lived here during the 60s & 70s when there was so much stuff going on. All he's done is stir the pot with his non-stop racehustling and grievance mongering. Nothing he has done in office has made ANYBODY's life easier except for maybe CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS and islamic jihadis. I can't fathom why any black person or non-illegal hispanic would still support him as he's made their lives suck more just as sure as he's made our lives suck more. And most of the black people I know think Al Sharpton is a jackass, Barry palling around with him isn't going to improve Barry's image. But Obama is such a racist that the only things he thinks he knows about black people are all old stereotypes so of course he thinks it's smart to suck up to Sharpton, next we'll see him at Popeye's chicken and maybe a hip-hop concert, because he thinks all black people are the same and that they are all what the MSM portrays them to be. Next he'll be speaking ebonics. Stupid douche.
I would love to see him go up against a real man who happens to be black, like my hero Allen West (West would decimate him!) or Herman Cain.

wirecutter said...

Amen, Zilla.

dhanna59 said...

Battalion, ATTENTION ! The Commander, COL ALLEN WEST!