Friday, May 20, 2011


CharlieGodammit has a new thrill that while it pisses me off, I'm resigned to it.
Okay. While I'm in the shower, I leave my back door open. I know I'm vulnerable when I'm bathing and the water's running and I can't hear shit (shades of "Psycho" all over again) and I count on my wolfdog to protect me, but that motherfucker has also shit in the house when I couldn't hear him woof to let him out, so I leave the door open so he can let himself out, but still protect me when I'm nekkid and soaping up my nasty parts over and over again.
But the last few days, I can hear him thundering from the door into the bedroom where he leaps onto the bed and skids to a stop again and again and again.
By the time I get out, that 100+ pound motherfucker has wrecked my bed. I mean, my mattress is on the floor, the bedding is tangled, pillows are scattered and that sumbitch is sitting on top of the wreckage grinning at me saying "Hey, let's go for a walk, fucker."
I hate that damned dog sometimes.