Sunday, May 15, 2011

Even God hates him


Birdieguy said...

How can you be so anti-Obama NOW?

wirecutter said...

Let's see...... runaway deficit, socialist attitudes, refusing to secure our borders, entitlement programs, high unemployment and an ugly-ass wife just to name a few.

MrG's said...

Sounds about right to me

hardassamI said...

We may as well say good bye to America, we are all fucked by your Muslim leader Muhammad Hussein Sayyid Mubarak Obama. And there is only the following solutions to save us.
1, On November of 2012 election day we must get rid of Muhammad Hussein Sayyid Mubarak Obama.,.2, Also any muslim who wishes to live here in the USA must swear their allegiance to America , and to the flag and its constitution ,not like Muhammad Hussein Sayyid Mubarak Obama. did either with his hands in his pockets or scratching his balls. If you love this country then hold your head held high and place your hand on your heart and also on the bible and or if the koran is their choice, then so be it. If you can’’t do all of these things then do us and yourself a favor and get your ass out of here . 3. Bring the troops home and use them to close our borders and deal with the drug and immigration problems because it’’s a waste of our time and the lives of our troops fighting to save your filthy, and smelly ass’’s. If you cant assimilate, here then go back to where you came from, and eat camel shit..
You are simply not worth it. And that goes for Libya too.