Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fourth Amendment?

So I've been reading in the paper and online where Indiana has ruled that a Peace Officer can enter your house without a warrant any damned time they think they need to and if you resist, you can face charges.
So much for the 4th Amendment, right? I mean, that ruling just trashed it.
Then tonight I hit my favorite "Fuck The Feds" blogs and I read a fucking quote from an Indiana sheriff that says he can and will conduct random warrantless searches of homes if "he" thinks it's necessary.
What a fucking asshole. Maybe Nazi would be a better word.
Now Kalifornia is one of the most liberal states in the Union, but here, at least in my neck of the woods, you have the right to shoot an intruder in your home if you feel threatened and the local Law Enforcement is pretty damned tolerant about it. Example after example has been published in the local smut sheet and both the Chief of Police and County Sheriff has publicly said so.
My point? A fucking cop bangs on my door and demands entry without showing me a warrant, I'm gonna feel threatened. My house is my home, my sanctuary. This where I feel completely safe. No armed intruder (weapon drawn or not) will enter my home without my express permission or a fucking warrant. Simple as that. You enter my home without my permission, I'm going to shotgun your motherfucking ass back out the door or window you came through and I'll resist until the threat is gone or I'm not able to shoot anymore.
Yeah, I may die but at least my folks and friends will know I died for something I believe in - my Nations' Bill of Rights and my own fucking principles.
And I bet that a whole bunch of Indianans feel the same way I do.


Skip said...

Shit Bro, the po po been doin' no knocks for the last thirty years.
Go to War on Guns and check out how many good folks been capped by wrong addresses.
Fuck Obama and Holder and that bull dyke.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, I know.
This shit just justifies it even more.
Had an elderly deaf gentleman here about 20 years ago that was shot and killed when he was startled by the narcs kicking in his trailer door before dawn and he opened fire. No evidence of a meth lab and he was later deemed to be completely innocent, but guess who made the headlines? The poor cop that kicked in his door and he killed.
Nobody remembers his name but the cop he killed is honored every fucking year during the annual memorial service they hold for LEO killed in the line of duty.
Fucking Nazis.....

MrG's said...

I have a lot of respect for police, they have to do a dangerous job. But the militarization of the local police to becoming a paramilitary force disturbs me greatly along with the bunker mentality and the us/vs them attitude that many of the younger police officers display. the older ones still treat the public with respect, the younger ones get the power trip

Tattoo Jim said...

Totally agree with MrG's.... those younger cops have way too much "macho" and way too little "common sense"... and I keep the 870 fully loaded at all times... along with a few other items that are close at hand......

wirecutter said...

It seems like it's always been an "either a perp or a victim" attitude ever since I can remember.
LEOs need to remember that there are perfectly law abiding citizens out there.
I'm the guy with a friendly wave when I see a cop in my neighborhood.