Saturday, May 21, 2011

Had to get this out of my system

Why in the fuck do people I see maybe every couple of years (unless there's a shitload of funerals in a row) or NEVER see think I'm interested in their lives? I have enough problems with my own shit, I don't want or need to hear about your fucking life
Take my cousin for instance. She recently got a job as a long haul truck driver - remember when female drivers were a novelty? - and every time I turn on my fucking computer there's a new one-line message from her.
"I'm in Iowa and yuck!"
"Kansas is so flat and boring."
"Maryland....... rude people."
"South Carolina is so humid."
"Can't wait to get out of Texas!"
"I haven't showered in 2 days."

Now I know you're a proud graduate of whatever trucking school you came close to flunking out of and you want to impress people with the fact that you actually crossed the state line but you know what? I could really give a flying fuck where you're at as long as your ass ain't planted on my couch eating my fucking food. And if you don't like traveling, FIND ANOTHER JOB!
But when and if you do, I don't want to hear about it every godammed day. You can tell me at the next funeral.
In the meantime get a twitter account so you can have people that really are interested follow your every fucking move, bitch and complaint.
Oh yeah, take that shower before you start marinating in your own juices.

And yes, I blocked your email address today, but I had to vent.


Bushwack said...

I went to the bathroom and took a shit, paper broke... Fuck I hate that..

I had a sammich...

Watched a little TV, african ballet not much else on.

Are you fuckin annoyed yet?

LMAO. I hear ya man, I don't need/nor want to know your every move if I did I'd be stalking your ass. Morons are everywhere...

YOLO said...

Kenny, you are sounding more and more like Howard Stern every day LOL, and thats okay, i like Howard too.
P.S. I WAS going to tell you my every move after i crawled into my bed tonight, but i guess you just don't want to hear.....xx

Bushwack said...

Hey YOLO.. Forget Kenny, I wanna HEAR IT!!!!