Thursday, May 19, 2011

Honor, Service, Integrity

He's walking to the car parts store with his weapon legally openly carried and a voice recorder on when the Philadelphia police spot him and jack his ass up.
He's respectful and cooperative but listen to the first 7 or 8 minutes of the video. After several minutes of the bullshit, he's eventually released, but you know it was L-O-N-G minutes to him.
What's ironic is Philly PDs slogan - Honor, Sevice, Integrity.
This highlights the problem with many police officers' attitudes these days - you're either a victim or a criminal, there's no such thing as a normal citizen.

For the full story and an excellent post, go here.

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Mile Hi said...

i listened to a couple of minutes of this one and came to a conclusion. this sounds JUST like something you read out of the modesto bee about the vonted MPD. Taze or shoot someone now,ask questions down at the station. driving down the road, ALL the cops look pissed off. especially the ones on the new honda rice rockets.they're all just die'in to thump on someone.OR is it just me??!!!