Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My remark was done in jest and I am so so so sorry. I did not mean any offense and I will do anything to make it right.
Please forgive me. Pretty please?
God Bless the United States Marine Corp and Chesty Puller.

I done fucked up, folks.
When I did my book review for "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" I included the line "The book is very informative and easy to understand, easy enough for an Okie and possibly even a Marine (Fuck you, Woody) to understand."
And Woodys' wife read it...... I didn't even know she read my blog. What's bad is not only is she the wife of a Marine, but she's also the daughter of a decorated Marine Officer.
What's really bad is that she sends me bacon treats via Woody. Some really tasty bacon treats......
Woody walked in tonight (he's working the night shift now) as I was leaving and I met him on the way out and I started bitching about how bad my day was. He started laughing and told me it just got worse. Daryn was pissed at me for disrespecting the Corps and I could kiss my Bacon Treats goodbye.
Mind you, she didn't say a thing about the "Fuck You Woody", but talk shit about Marines?
I'm fucked. Truly fucked.
I'm hoping this post will ease things a little. Maybe I should offer to cut the lawn and wash her car this weekend but I'm afraid Woody will take advantage of it and have her make me wash his truck, clean out his garage, and pull weeds or whatever.
Damn, no more bacon treats............