Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fighting knives

Why in the fuck is it that all these so-called fighting knife makers have the finger grooves on the same side as the edge?
Anybody that's even slightly familiar with knife fighting knows that if you slash down, you hit bone. You slash up, you hit tissue. Think about it - down, you connect with skull, shoulder, or ribs. Up, you're getting throat and gut.
True, if you're having to resort to a knife then you're in serious shit but that's just my point - you're desperate and NEED to end it now.
The best fighting knife I ever owned was a Gerber Mk II dagger that I talked a Legionnaire out of in a bar in Paris, but that was stolen from me a couple of years back by an ex-friend.
I did buy a knife made by SOG that has potential last month. It's got a 6" heavy blade, shaped like a meat knife, but it has no hilt, just a groove in the blade to fit my index finger, but again, it's on the wrong side. With some slow filing (so as to not ruin the temper) I can shape it to fit my thumb comfortably, but why in the hell am I having to do that?
What I do like about the knife is I can undo the keeper and the knife is secure, but pull it out 1/2" and while the sheath will retain it even upside down, it's quick and easy to pull.

Never mind the dog hair on the carpet, CharlieGodammit is shedding like a motherfucker and I haven't vacuumed in a couple of days.
My everyday knife is a Buck 110 in a nylon holster. I've used lapping compound so that can open it one-handed, I've cut serrations on the thumb rest, it's razor sharp and I put in the holster the same way every time so that I can pull it, open it quicker than a switchblade and put it away blind, but it's a tool although it can substitute as a decent fighter in a pinch.
Does anybody have a suggestion for a decent fighting knife for under a hundred bucks? Keep in mind that carrying a dagger is a felony here in Kalifornia (carrying a firearm is either a misdemeanor or felony at the discretion of the officer, figure that one out) and I want a legal weapon. Remember, heavy blade, finger grooves on the opposite side of the edge, but grooves are optional, I can do without them but the handle has to be ergonomical.
Any help would be appreciated