Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our 4th amendment

Given our court system today and the sheeple that runs it, I wonder how many States will follow in the footsteps of Indiana and render our Rights, particularly our 1st, 2nd and 4th  Amendment rights null and void.
Our 1st Amendment Rights are now under fire with the internet regulations that Obama is pushing, our 2nd Amendment were shot to hell in the 30s when they outlawed private ownership of automatic weapons by private citizens, and now our 4th is threatened with the recent ruling by the Indiana courts.
How much more of this bullshit are we going to take before we've had enough and start pushing back?
Notice I said "start pushing back" instead of start sucking ass and quietly resisting?
Enough is enough, people.
Godammit, our Bill of Rights are plain and clear. They were bought and paid for with American blood and we need to remember that.
Fuck this shit.


MrG's said...

This ruling of Indiana supreme court has really pissed me off the more I read this. This is giving the assholes drunk with power in police uniforms an excuse to fuck with people more. What I see happening is that more people will just cower and bow under to accept the abuse, but there are still the III percenter that will not tolerate this.

wirecutter said...

And you're one us, I can tell by your comment.
Spread the word, Brother.

drjim said...

Shit like this makes me wonder what happened to the America I love, and that my Dad fought to protect.
Fucking liberal commies.....

Anonymous said...

Major fuck up on the part of the Indiana Supreme court.
Now a Sheriff in Indiana is talking about random "house to house" searches.
We must pay attention to history and remember Michael Collins.
He did not fight or attack the police, He killed the politicans and judges who order these abuses.
He ended several hundred years of fighting for freedom in Ireland in a few months. When the politicans and judges realized THEY were in danger and the people killed were of their class, they sued for peace.
Paul in Texas