Friday, May 27, 2011


One of my quirks is that I get easily embarrassed by women talking about sex - I can talk shit with the best of men, but when I hear a woman talking explicitly about sex I turn as red as Chairman Mao.
I know........
Tonight I was in the market I've shopped at for years and where the two ladies behind the deli counter have discovered this through some not-so-strategic eavesdropping on my part and when they served me my ham and cheese sandwich they started giggling and talking dirty to me trying to get me to blush.
I asked them why we couldn't have a normal fucking conversation for once instead of talking about sex and Jo asked "Isn't sex normal?"
"Not when you have it with chickens like me" was my reply. Right off the top of my head, no less.
It was their turn to turn red.


Opus #6 said...

I'm trying to picture a "knuckledraggin" chicken.

Tom said...

You know what the difference between erotic and kinky is?

Erotic is when you tickle your partner with a feather.

Kinky is when you tickle your partner with the entire chicken.