Sunday, June 19, 2011

Annoucing Private Kirk Lane, United States Army

I went over to my folk's house today to tell Pops that I loved and appreciated him for his devotion to me and my siblings and got a hell of a pleasant surprise.
Now my sister died back in '97 and my folks took on the responsibility of raising my 2 nieces and my nephew.
Don't get me wrong, now. I love all 3 of them kids, but my nephew has been pissing me off BAD lately. He's 20 now, yet had no ambition whatsover. He still lives with his grandparents but wasn't looking for a job. He was perfectly content to sleep in 'til noon, party with his buds all night and play guitar. Now, Pops didn't put up with that shit when I was his age (I got woke up on my 18th bithday with a warning to have a job that day or git gone, my choice) but he's mellowed/rotted with age and he's been been putting up with KPs' irresponsibility. Not only that, but he's been making excuses for him.
Which pissed me off to no end.
So I sat down with KP a few months ago and told him to get his shit together, find a fucking job and quit being a burden on my folks, and yeah, I was kinda sorta blunt about it. His eyeballs were bugging out from the lack of oxygen by the time I was done.
I even suggested joining the military like me, his uncles and his Grandpa did but his reply was "That just isn't me Uncle Ken and please, I can't breathe."
Fucking pussy.

So today I go over and KP met me at the door and told me right away that he'd enlisted in the Army. Not only dd he enlist but he went 11 Bravo AND Regular Army.
I shook his hand, brought him in for a man-hug and congratulated him.
Fucking A, Brother. Ya done good.

It's weird how I can go from being pissed at him to incredibly proud of him overnight, huh?


dhanna59 said...

Wirecutter, If he's been layin around sleepin till noon for the last two years since high school, I'd probably say the boys physical condition level ain't too great. When he gets to Ft. Benning and the Drill Sergeants start smokin' that ass, he just might decide the Army is not to his liking and get his sorry ass chaptered out. Uncle Kenny needs to do some reinforcement training (wall-to-wall) if you know what i mean...Let me tell you something, them round browns at Sand Hill do not fuck around with pussy little slackers, he'll be on the next thing smokin' back to Gramps within two weeks, I shit you not!

Anonymous said...

Well sir, the Army will either make him or break him. If he can tough it out it will probably be the best decision he ever made.
Hope for the best.
Paul in Texas

TexasFred said...

No, it's not weird man, you have a good heart, no matter how fucked up you want us to believe your exterior is, YOU really are a good person...

But I won't tell anyone...

wirecutter said...

Yeah D, I got on his ass yesterday about that shit.
He claims he can run a mile with a 40 pound pack - I told him to shoot for 5. Start doing lots and lots of sit-ups, push-ups and chin-ups.
We'll see how it goes.

wirecutter said...

I appreciate you keeping this down, Fred.

rpm2day said...

Exactly what he needed, seen it before. Ya done good, keep it up. And we all know you have a good heart, but in case anyone asks about you it's "that asshole?"