Sunday, June 12, 2011


PELHAM, N.H. (CBS) - Pelham police say they were justified in using a Taser several times on a cow, despite a complaint from its owner.
Last Saturday, one of Wendy Bordeleau’s two cows got loose from her 30-acre farm.

About a dozen people were trying to coral 800-pound Houdini across busy Mammoth Road when police showed up with their tasers.

"They said ‘We’re going to tase her, we’re going to taser it,’ and the group was pleading with them. Everyone was kinda yelling, ‘Please don’t taser the cow, it’s only going to make it worse,” she told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.
Houdini was zapped at least four times.


Okay, seeing as the cows' name was Houdini I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this wasn't her first escape. In that case, police were justified in using a taser, then calling in SWAT for backup for a spray-n-pray takedown if the taser didn't work.
Jeez, hasn't anybody up there heard of a rope?


Joshkie said...

I bet they tased the cow 4 times because they didn't get a reaction the first 3 times. A taser wouldn't even get a reaction from the Bessie.


Anonymous said...

Have cattle. Electric cattle prods work fine and I am sure a Tazer will kick a lot harder.
Sounds to me the cops were just mean. Maybe looking for excitement at the expense of the cow.
Well maintained fences do a good job of holding cattle. Poorly maintained fences do not.
We are talking about a cow, not a raging bull so you are right, a rope works just fine.

Paul in Texas