Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"NOBODY tries to fuck my cousin but me!!!"

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Four people charged with kidnapping a man, tattooing "RAPEST" on his forehead and shocking his genitals with a stun gun before beating him unconscious with a baseball bat pleaded guilty Tuesday to kidnapping and maiming charges.
Three of the defendants also pleaded guilty to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in a plea agreement with prosecutors while the fourth pleaded no contest to the charge during a hearing in Oklahoma County District Court. A no contest plea has the same effect as a guilty plea but is not an admission of guilt.
Richard Dellert, Zachary Provence, Kimberly Kirchler Vergara and Lorena Hodges were accused of attacking 18-year-old Stetson Johnson on April 17. Del City police have said they were punishing Johnson after one of the women accused him of trying to have sex with her.


Fucking Okies, I swear.
Rapest? This generation is lost without spellcheck.

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