Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nothing like a little On-The-Job training

LEWISTON, Maine -- A Maine cardiologist and a team of nurses are being credited with saving the life of a heart attack victim, but it wasn't in an emergency room.
Dr. William Phillips was giving a lecture Monday on heart disease at the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston when he was interrupted by a man complaining of chest pain.
Phillips asked a nurse to take the patient to the emergency room, but he collapsed. The victim wasn't breathing and had no pulse.
One of three cardiac nurses grabbed a defibrillator to help restart the man's heart. Meanwhile, paramedics arrived and took the patient to the emergency room.
Phillips tells the Sun Journal the man is now doing fine.
After the interruption, Phillips continued his lecture.

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Deb said...

Was just watching this on the local news. Though the man had never had a heart attack before, he did have seven (!) bypass surgeries in 2006...hence his interest in attending a cardiac lecture.

He's doing fine, btw.