Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh, fuck you.

BETTENDORF, Iowa -- President Barack Obama on Tuesday brought a made-in-America pitch to this politically vital state, saying innovation and adaptation will help the manufacturing sector and the entire U.S. economy rebound with more gusto. He admonished a divided Washington to stop bickering and rally together like a team.
Here in the home of the first presidential caucuses, Obama made a quick but unmistakable nod to his own re-election bid. Fondly recalling his win here in 2008, Obama said to Iowa: "We've got some history together. And together we're going to make some more history for years to come."
The president, under steady pressure to bolster a sluggish economy, is showering attention on manufacturing as an American story of adaptation. He chose the setting of Alcoa Davenport Works, an aluminum factory whose products are exported around the world and used for such high-tech applications as the wings for the presidential jet Air Force One. 
The plant has re-hired the workers it laid off during the recent recession and is eying an expansion, said Obama, who pushed a broader theme of American resilience.
"You had to up your game," Obama said to the workers. "And that's what we've got to do as a country as a whole. I want the cars and planes and wind turbines of the future to bear the proud stamp that says 'Made in America.'"
Obama's victory in the 2008 Iowa caucuses catapulted his presidential campaign, and the state is now being flooded with Republicans seeking their party's presidential nomination and criticizing his economic leadership.
The president said that the country has the workers, companies and industries to mount a stronger economic recovery: "We are still the United States of America."


Hey Obama, I've seen more long-time local businesses fold under the second half of your term than I ever have before and now you're telling us we need to up our game?
Our game is as upped as we're allowed given the economy you keep fucking up worse with your reckless spending.
Again - fuck you, hotshot.

I got a better idea - how about you get the hell out of Libya, quit giving money to your islamic brothers by financing their terrorist organizations, quit trying to fuck us by forcing Obamacare on us without a plan to pay for it and finally, reining in all those vacations paid for with the sweat of Americans.
Think of the all money you would've saved could've wasted elsewhere.


Stinkwilly said...

More of this muslim fuck sticks lieing to the gullibles. If they fall for his lieing shit again they deserve exactly what they get and it won't be pretty. Tell me why this lieing bastard HAD to go to Iowa this week when most of the republican presidential candidates were there?????
The narcissist just couldn't handle it with all the publicity they were getting so he had to get HIS purple lipped sphincter muscle in front of a camera also.

skidmark said...

Back in the 50's (post-war recovery & cheap, shoddy goods from Japan era) my uncle was in the export/import business. He proudly wore, and sold by the gross to everybody he could, a lapel pin covered in gold-colored paint, with red, clear (white), and blue glass "stones with the inscription "Buy USA". He got them from Japan.

Is bHo channeling Uncle Max?

stay safe.