Thursday, June 02, 2011

What happened???!!!

And my weekend has started.
I'm half drunk in my Camouflage BassPro easy chair with CharlieGoddammit asleep and semi-laying in my lap with his jaws clamped on my neck making it harder than hell to to post this and Hank III is on the stereo.
My new Sweetie Lisa and I have an all day date tomorrow driving around some old Gold Rush towns and life is looking pretty damned good.
I actually feel good about life right now.


steve tompkins said...

good for you, ken.

drjim said...

Have fun with your lady friend. Having a good dog in life is great, and having the right woman is even better!

Deb said...

Could you maybe wait a month or so before showing Lisa the real you? Maybe at least not burp the alphabet while smashing a beer can on your forehead...unless she does the same.

Skip said...

Right on Bro!!
Down here we are supposed to meet at the gun club but the man says rain and wind.
Prolly play with the better half and take a nap. Still good though.

dhanna59 said...

Did she say "hey cowboy, I don't have a cherry to give you, but I still got the box it came in"!!.

Or was it "Hi, wanna play hide the hot dog, now you see it, now you don't?"

Enquiring minds want to know!

elizabeth said...

Make sure CGD doesn't get jealous! Good for you Ken, you deserve a little female company after all this time. Good Luck!

Mile Hi said...

i'd give anything for you two to come over and meet the family. hopefully soon. Randy