Monday, June 06, 2011

Yes, my darling ex, I spent MY money on myself

The following is an excerpt from an email that I sent to Woody last night describing most of my weekend. I was going to re-type it for y'all, but I'm a lazy fucker.
I'm not a survivalist but I do believe in being prepared for the unexpected - be it a natural disaster, a man-made catastrophe or the the Feds kicking in my door for badmouthing the Obamessiah.
Picked up an ALICE pack, a new poncho liner and some MREs at Crescent Supply yesterday. With the 20% sale and my store credits (for returned merchandise) it cost me a 20 dollar bill.
Today I went to Sports Authority and picked up some freeze dried food (MREs suck) and while I was there saw a camo tarp on sale marked down from $24 to $12.99 and a BAD ASS emergency weather monitor marked down to $19 from $49.99. With my store coupons I walked out another 20 dollar bill lighter AND they gave me another $10 coupon at the register and another 10 bucks to download off the internet because I'm such a great guy.
These fuckers are going to break my bank account.
I had no intention of putting together a survival kit, but I packed that ruck with a change of clothes, a water filtration system, 4 days worth of food, personal hygiene package (especially toilet paper, can't forget that), a first aid kit, gun cleaning kit, camp stove and fuel, cook pot, 100' of 550 cord, poncho liner, and other assorted shit, strapped my tent to the top and my sleeping bag on the bottom, then packed 500 rounds of assorted ammo and my night vision in a first aid bag. The whole thing comes in at about 40 pounds is all, even lighter if I can train CGD to carry part of the load.
Fuck Obama.
Man, it's raining like a motherfucker out there. But I knew it was gonna happen with my high-speed emergency weather monitor....


drjim said...

Money well spent, buddy!
We've got a shitload of "survival" stuff in the garage, although my wife s call it "Earthquake Supplies". Whatever....
I keep it rotated with fresh stuff, and either give the old(er) stuff to friends who don't have any (or a clue, for that matter), or use it up myself. The only thing that's a pain-in-the-ass is the water. I know I'm bitchin' about it now, but if we ever need it......

wirecutter said...

Yabutt you live in 'quake country - I don't.
I've got a month or two supply of canned goods, water and other assorted shit on hand though. Not as prepared as some but more prepared as most.
BTW, BassPro sells a water filter that's good for a million gallons (I think) for about 60 bucks. All you need is a 5 gallon bucket. Might be worth looking into considering where you live....

Skip said...

Got the generator, a weeks worth of gas and a siphon pump.
Water filters, canned food, dryed food, tents, tarps, ponchos and rain gear, 1000 rounds in each of seven calibers, extra meds, enough medical shit [my old lady was an EMT] to cure cancer, propane, firewood, and sitaware.
We aren't going any farther than the yard if the shack falls down.
Flood, we'll play it by ear.

drjim said...

Yep, I've got a Honda 2kW generator and 10 gallons of gas for it. I test it every few months, and rotate the gas for it from the jerry can into my Jeep twice a year.
And I've got about 500 Watts worth of solar panels, and two Optima deep-cycle batteries, but that's for my Ham Radio stuff.

Deb said...

Wait a minute. You picked up an Alice? I thought her name was Lisa?