Sunday, June 12, 2011

You know not of which you speak

RENO, Nev. -- Critics of Nevada's first black bear hunt are worried that with hunters and hikers near Lake Tahoe sharing the same woods, it won't only be bears that get shot.
"Someone could be out hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail with their family and along comes a pack of dogs running across the trail, followed by a guy who comes along with a gun. It's a whole different atmosphere," said Madonna Dunbar, resource conservationist for the Incline Village General Improvement District on the lake's north shore.
"People are really concerned there will be an accident and someone will get killed," she said in an interview with The Associated Press.
State wildlife officials have issued 45 licenses and say hunters will be trained so they know where it is safe to shoot, but opponents worried for the safety of tourists and residents have taken their concerns to court.

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Ummm, Miss Dunbar? May I say something?
A pack of hounds, for the most part, are making a lot of noise when they're trailing something - you know, baying, crashing through brush, that sort of thing.
How about you and your tourists stay the hell out of the way when you hear that sort of thing and not interfere with or obstruct a legal and lawful hunt, which by the way is illegal in Nevada.
And folks that are commited enough to a sport to own a pack of hounds generally are very experienced hunters and know enough to not shoot tourists.
Oh wait, I almost forgot - anybody that lives within 500 miles of Tahoe have read about your huge overpopulation of bears that wander through residential areas raiding trash cans and generally being a pain in the ass because they have no fear of Man or dogs. I guarantee you that hunting will cure that shit real quick.

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Anonymous said...

Ya know what??
Hunters rights are just as important as hikers rights.
It is true that it is very easy to stay out of each others way.
I don't hunt, and the only animals I have shot recently have been the coyotes after our livestock.
Predators such as bears, cougars, and alligators, if not hunted do lose their fear of humans
Check the attack records and you will find that attacks on humans are increasing. Nuff said
Paul in Texas