Thursday, July 21, 2011

A training video from the fuckers at the Department of Homeland Security

Once again, according to DHS, the biggest danger to our Nation are folks like you and me - folks that are unhappy with the current regime.
Fuck 'em.


claymore said...

You notice all the bad guys are WHITE and all the good guys are BLACK. Guess they figured that at least WE won't riot and burn down shit like "other minority groups" would do if they got portrayed as bad guys. Propaganda as good as something Gobbels would do and not a peep from us white guys we just sit around and take riots no protesting no nothing. How's it feel to be an ignored minority. The future is here......and it's not looking good.

rpm2day said...

I'm going to practice being a "victim" every time I don't get my way. Let's see how that works for a middle aged white male. Could start a trend, ya never know!