Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guard your goats, Hezbollah's on the Mexican border


John said...

Note to Obama we made need those motes with alligators after all you Fucking Douche Bag!

Skip said...

Hey, the yote hunting just got a little better.
Ain't there a bounty on ragheads.

Mile Hi said...

Folks, i have alot of hispanic friends and aquaintances.But once again,as always, firmly believe we pull ALL troops from the middle east,let them go home to thier families, and assign a whole new contingent and go and bomb the FUCK out of the border. Make a giant FUH KING crater between Calif, Ariz, and Tex. Next we assign all of our tip top snipers and a few f-15s to the "crater zones". This will show these UNGRATEFUL MOTHERFUCKERS who Uncle Sam and Liberty really are. Stars and Stripes till I die. Mile Hi.