Friday, July 08, 2011

He forgot to blame the Girl Scouts

A year after the WH proclaimed “recovery summer,: and two years after a trillion dollar “stimulus” program, the President blamed a series of “headwinds” for what he described as a “rocky” “recovery.” Obama said Greece, natural disasters, high gas prices, state budget cuts and uncertainty about the debt ceiling were prohibiting the economy from creating more jobs, which critics called just more finger-pointing from the White House. “Streamlining the patent process” and new infrastructure spending were a few solutions to the jobs crisis offered by the President this morning, leaving many economists scratching their heads. Looking detached, Mr. Obama plodded back into the White House with his head down, without acknowledging any responsibility for the economy for the struggling economy and appearing to some critics extremely out of touch.


Stinkwilly said...

Sorry wirecutter.....I just have to beat you on this one.


wirecutter said...

Damn. Zinged again.

drjim said...

The guy's a complete fucking LOSER!
He has NO idea of how business works, and his suggestions about "streamlining the patent process" are so fucking far from reality I'm fucking speechless.
Hey fuckhead, how about LOWERING TAXES and CUTTING SPENDING so businesses can INVEST in new things, and we have the money to buy them!
What a fucking dickhead commie!