Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just put it on our tab

London Mayor Boris Johnson is raising a stink over minor congestion charges he says President Obama's motorcade incurred while visiting his city, the London Evening Standard reports.

Johnson has fined the United States 120 pounds (nearly $200 U.S. dollars) in congestion levies--10 pounds per vehicle--for the presidential motorcade used during Obama's state visit in May.
The sum may seem to be a pittance, but it is part of a much larger problem, Johnson and others say.
London officials told AFP that the American Embassy owes 5.3 million pounds ($8.7 million dollars) in unpaid congestion fines--known as C-charges--which were first established in 2003. Since the roads weren't closed during the president's visit, he is subject to the fines, Johnson says.

1 comment:

rpm2day said...

Does that include charges for the "Wide Load" tractor with spotter trucks carrying the first wook?

Yet the mooslems can clog the roads to pray for our demise and it's to be tolerated.

That's what we get when the muzzie in the white house treats our allies like crap.