Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coyote bits from Steve

When coyotes migrated east they circled around the Great Lakes. Along they way they picked up some wolf DNA. So says the Oct. 2010 issue of National Geographic.
That means is our coyotes are a bit larger than yours. The .223 is the smallest round local hunters use. More and more using the 6.5 & 6.8 mm rounds ... at least from AR platforms.
Still as crafty. Most suburban 'yotes don't howl. No sense in upsetting the local caterers.
The local bicycle trail is a major commuter route for the critters going from open areas in Loudoun County to the dumpster dense environs of Herndon and Reston.
Gun buddy set up an IR game camera to catch the snots running their motor bikes on the bike trail. Along with the punks he got good photos of 4-5 coyotes east bound in the evening and west bound
in early morning.
Early morning bicycle riders have gotten use to seeing a coyote or three sitting in the shadows waiting for the small yippy dogs to accompany their jogging humans. Sort of a buffet that comes to you.
A few weeks ago a pack tried to cut a small child away from a group of kids in a playground. The lone adult was on her Blackberry and it was a Labrador Retriever that busted up the pack. Needless to say that's one Lab who gets prime cut every night.
Our local Canadian Geese population has dropped significantly thanks to the coyotes fondness for their eggs. Oh, ya. Our Hispanic neighbors also do their bit do lower the goose population by eating adults.

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  1. I have noticed that our coyotes here are huge, I mistook one for a wolf when I came face to face with it while pregnant with my first child, but i was informed that we don't have wolves here, so it had to be a coyote! Your post explains why I was confused. I linked to you here:


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