Friday, August 05, 2011

A credit to his card

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Brian in Florida said...

Once I tried the race card, but was told my trying to use it was racialy motivated since I am a lighter color of brown and therefore did not qualify to use the card. Not Qualified??? But I was racialy depressed, I was much more qualified than the person that got the job. So,, I did what every red blooded American would do and followed the career of the person who got the job, 4 months,, 4 months was all it took and she was fired for incompetence. I was called and asked to interview, I was polite I was nice and I said, "Sorry, I was not good enough before, why am I good enough now" I had found another job where I was hired on ability not on color. I was not fired, I was an asset. Weird, huh. Ability superceded race on that one.
Down graded hiring means down graded performance, and toss the race card all ya want, but ability is what it is.