Saturday, August 20, 2011

I see the ex is still alive

An anonymous comment I got this morning:

You sound like a bitch - My name is Fuck You, track me like you do all the others you don't agree with you DHS wannabe
Somebody seriously needs a fucking life other than being a troll.


PISSED said...

Jimmy's Mom.."Jimmy!! come up for a sandwich.... I cut the crust off"

Jimmy..."GOD! hold on mom... i'm just finishing a comment"

Anonymous said...

That one is not from your ex.

wirecutter said...

Well, fuck both you and her then.

dhanna59 said...

@ anonymous,
Be advised you are on the verge of seriously fukkin your life up when you annoy the Wirecutter. Ever seen Dog the Bountyhunter, anonymous? Dog sends him a Christmas card. Continue at your sniveling peril, I shit you not...

Eagle021 said...

Death to the New World Order!
Long live the State of Jefferson

We are the Leaderless Resistance,you are not alone.