Sunday, August 28, 2011

Federal government to reimburse states for Irene damage

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hurricane Irene could cost U.S. state and local governments billions of dollars in damages, but funds from the federal government might ultimately cover much of this expense.
It is too early to estimate the cost of the storm, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said New Jersey alone may have suffered tens of billions of dollars in damage.
The timing is terrible for municipalities as they dig their way out of their bleakest economic period in decades after the financial crisis and recession sank budgets and forced widespread cuts in expense and increased taxes.
And you can bet your sweet redneck ass that those damages are gonna be hugely overestimated. That fucking punk Christie is already estimating tens of billions of dollars - that's a joke. If you bulldozed every square inch of New Jersey you'd be hard pressed to come up with 250 bucks worth of damage. I know, I've been there. Twice. Granted, it was just long enough to catch the very next flight out, but still....
Anyways, the Obamessiah and his boy start screaming wolf over a Category One storm and the millions of dollars and lives at risk, everybody freaks out, and when it's all said and done, the feds are gonna bail them out.
Now the headscratching begins and motherfuckers from the High Gov'ner His Ownself on down to the crackhead on the corner is going to start thinking of all the fucked up shit they had before the storm and now Uncle Barack is going to give them money for shit that wasn't worth much to begin with. Roof leaked during the storm? Here ya go.
Roads that were full of potholes got another one because of the storm? Can't be having that now, go repave that motherfucker and widen it while you're at it. We're buyin'.
Merchandise damaged at your used tire shop during the storm? Valued at $750,000? No problemo, Senor.
You lost business because of the storm? Gotcha covered, man.
Yeah, I can see it now. And every fucking nickel is going to come out of a treasury that was broken (blame Bush, blame Bush) long ago and fucking destroyed by Obamessiah and his gang of thieves. My line of thinking on this is that maybe they should've held off before announcing this. Granted, there was going to be some fleecing anyways but shit, let the waters recede before you start throwing our money away.
But the big question in my camel toe obsessed mind is this: What about letting the fucking insurance that everybody pays (including cities and counties/townships) handle it? I mean, that's what it's for right? But I can see their point too - the insurance companies are going to go crying to the feds for a bailout anyways, so why not just cut out the middle man?

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Anonymous said...

If the USA was going to get an enema, New Jersey is where they would stick the nozzle... If they could get Snooki to stop trying to fuck it...