Tuesday, August 09, 2011


So it's been a little over a month now since Lisa moved in, making my house our home and I've got to say it's been fucking wonderful.
Not a single argument, disagreement or cross word so far. The house is spotless. Dinner is waiting on me when I get home. CharlieGodammit loves her. She's not a Fed.
I went hunting last weekend and there wasn't a problem with that even though I intended to stay gone for a night or two - one of those "I should be back Saturday night but it may be Sunday sometime" deals.
Decisions are discussed between the two of us. Problems are solved the same way.
And best of all? She puts up with my crazy-ass Right Wing shit, even to the point that my Git Kit stays in the living room and not shoved back into the back bedroom where most women would insist on stashing it.
Seriously, I haven't ever had a woman like this before.
I'm a happy motherfucker.


Kevin said...

Does she have a sister?

Ross in Texas said...

I'm a lurker,
But I have to say Lisa is the bomb for putting up with your shit.You are my most favorite right wing asshole. CGD is the best judge of people you will know.

PatriotUSA said...

Very happy for the both of you and a good lady and a good dude are very special indeed. When on finds that special someone, the one who don't stash your git kit, is not 'embarrassed by your being a serious gun lover, you hating the motherfucker obama, you being a very conservative guy with the wllingness to die for her and your friends, you both have a great partnership here.

It always and must be a two way street for any relationship to work and seems like you both have hit the mother lode of love and companionship. Having a cold one or two and a couple o' shots in your honor and may you both find straight shooting and hot fine fishin no matter where you both go!

Steve in Delray Beach said...

1. Has she got a sister of similar temperment? It won't bother me none if her sister is a bit slow or is missing a few teeth or even has an orthopedic shoe.
2. If she ain't got a sister as described above; would y'all be interested in adopting a 37 year old "son"? I can chop wood and clear out squib rounds. I'll set up a tent in a corner of your backyard and get a part time job too. Lemme know.
3. if "No" to both 1 and 2; Fuck you Kenny Lane you lucky som'bitch.
Fuck obama,

Your pal, Steve

PS: No hard feelings on account of me sayin 'Fuck you Kenny Lane'. I'm just jealous is all.

ALL IN GOOD FUN ! ! ! !!

Josh K. said...

Fuck you!!! You lucky bastard. Hard feelings ment; you lucky sumbitch. You fuck this up and just you remember there are others out forming a line.


Stinkwilly said...

When she puts "HER" git bag next to yours WC, you're home dude!!

dhanna59 said...

We'll see how this works out in reality, it all depends on me stayin' on the Christmas card list this year...Oh yeah, the PapaOscarPapa factor!

Jack Russell said...

If something seems too good to be true - it probably is.
CIA plant, I reckon.

Jack Russell, Devon, UK

Barack Obama said...


Keep up the good work and the covert reports have been great so far. We'll nail this SOB soon.

YOLO said...

sounds like a happy kenny is a happy lisa, i am so glad for you both, aint love grand!? :)) p.s. i think CGD needs a little sister,,, just sayin'

Bella said...

S W E E T!!! I am so happy for the 3 of you. That fucken made my day Kenny.

PISSED said...

Good for you Kenny!

It's always nice to feel that way with someone... it makes all the other BS easier to deal with.

drjim said...

Glad to hear it!
I musta missed the her moving in part, but then I've been working some serious hours lately.
Here's to you two!

Bella said...

You just may be right there YOLO. Nothing tames the wild a GOOD woman. I was referring to CGD. ;)
Yah, right.
Lisa, I told him once that he was like a marshmallow roasting over a campfire. Rough, toughened on the outside, but soft and mushy on the inside. Let me know what you figure with that one? All the best to you guys. Kisses, Bella

Lisa said...

Ahhh have so hit the nail on the head! Ken is like a marshmallow, roasting over an open fire...a little crispy sometimes, HOT, but gosh when ya take a bite...sweetness...and then again, I am thinking wheat thins....cause I can't eat just one! I am blessed~!
Oh and for the fellas...I DO have a sister...she is 7 years younger, must have her Starbucks high maint/with 3 teeagers...but I love does her I think!

Lisa said...

Oh and Dick... I am a happy motherfucker too! You make my pants wanna get up and dance, you make my face wanna grin, you make my knees wanna kneel down and say please....honey won't you kiss me again!