Tuesday, August 09, 2011


So it's been a little over a month now since Lisa moved in, making my house our home and I've got to say it's been fucking wonderful.
Not a single argument, disagreement or cross word so far. The house is spotless. Dinner is waiting on me when I get home. CharlieGodammit loves her. She's not a Fed.
I went hunting last weekend and there wasn't a problem with that even though I intended to stay gone for a night or two - one of those "I should be back Saturday night but it may be Sunday sometime" deals.
Decisions are discussed between the two of us. Problems are solved the same way.
And best of all? She puts up with my crazy-ass Right Wing shit, even to the point that my Git Kit stays in the living room and not shoved back into the back bedroom where most women would insist on stashing it.
Seriously, I haven't ever had a woman like this before.
I'm a happy motherfucker.