Thursday, August 25, 2011

God Bless Elmer Keith

My Ruger Blackhawk in 41 Magnum will eat damned near anything I feed it as long as it's max or near max for heavier bullets.
It shows a preference though for 296 or H110, although I do have a pound or two of 2400 that I load with occasionally. The 2400 shoots fine but it burns dirtier than hell in my handgun.
One of my favorite loads to shoot is 20 grains of H110 under a 280 grain Wide Flat Nosed Gas Checked hardcast bullet. Cranks on downrange mighty smart, too.
I bought that 41 back in the mid 80s and put more than a few thousand full-house loads through it (and not a single fucking factory round), carry it constantly when I'm lost wandering in the mountains, yet it's just as tight as the day I bought it. Matter of fact, other than some minor holster wear and a nick on the ejector housing, it looks the same too.
My Ruger Blawkhawk in 41 Remington Magnum with heavy loads - 280 gr. hardcast Wide Flat Nosed Gas Checked Semi Wadcutters (Beartooth Bullets) over 20 grains of H110 and a large magnum pistol primer.
The handgun is a New Model Blackhawk, 6 1/2" barrel, one piece Pachmeyer grips, a free-spinning pawl (allows you to rotate the cylinder in either direction), dehorned hammer and a 3 pound trigger with no creep.

And now a couple of pictures of Pops shooting it a couple of years ago. One shot is right before he pulls the trigger, the second is in full recoil.

And now in full recoil.