Thursday, August 25, 2011

God Bless Elmer Keith

My Ruger Blackhawk in 41 Magnum will eat damned near anything I feed it as long as it's max or near max for heavier bullets.
It shows a preference though for 296 or H110, although I do have a pound or two of 2400 that I load with occasionally. The 2400 shoots fine but it burns dirtier than hell in my handgun.
One of my favorite loads to shoot is 20 grains of H110 under a 280 grain Wide Flat Nosed Gas Checked hardcast bullet. Cranks on downrange mighty smart, too.
I bought that 41 back in the mid 80s and put more than a few thousand full-house loads through it (and not a single fucking factory round), carry it constantly when I'm lost wandering in the mountains, yet it's just as tight as the day I bought it. Matter of fact, other than some minor holster wear and a nick on the ejector housing, it looks the same too.
My Ruger Blawkhawk in 41 Remington Magnum with heavy loads - 280 gr. hardcast Wide Flat Nosed Gas Checked Semi Wadcutters (Beartooth Bullets) over 20 grains of H110 and a large magnum pistol primer.
The handgun is a New Model Blackhawk, 6 1/2" barrel, one piece Pachmeyer grips, a free-spinning pawl (allows you to rotate the cylinder in either direction), dehorned hammer and a 3 pound trigger with no creep.

And now a couple of pictures of Pops shooting it a couple of years ago. One shot is right before he pulls the trigger, the second is in full recoil.

And now in full recoil.


rpm2day said...

This post is worthless without pics!

orbitup said...

No fuckin' pics?

Anonymous said...

A .41 and a 10mm, 2 guns that never *caught on*, and I don't know why.... Both are excellent guns, have adequate size and power, admittedly they are not ,44Mags and .45's but still...

wirecutter said...

You got your fucking pictures, man.

Skip said...

That is a fine pistola.
Don't have the dies for .41, may have to change that.
Ken, see if you can make GBR VI on 9/8,9,10/11.
I'll stake ya a coupla.

Bradley said...

you did a few things right.

1> great caliber, enough for most things hell put down more then a few biggish(~230lbs dressed(thats big here in Germany)) pigs.
2> from the old school Ruger, why build it when we can over build it. Love the old rugers, just something about guns built so tough they get their own loading specs.

BobG said...


Brian in Florida said...

I got into a confrontation with a Brady supporter today. She gave three points on why guns should be more regulated. 1. Car jacking, if your armed becomes more dangerouse and could get the carjacker mad and kill you.

My answer: Car jacking happens because a criminal has a gun.

2. If someone breaks in with a gun hide till they are gone, if we outlaw guns they will not break in.

My Answer: Criminals. I see Irony is not something your familliar with. Criminals do not obey laws, out law guns you arm criminals.

3. Guns kill people, so guns are bad.

My answer, People kill people not that this is understandable, but bathtubs kill people, cars kill people, just like spoons make you fat.

She got mad and said if we had laws,, I interupted and said criminals would break them, get a better argument or enjoy victimhood.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree! My guns have killed less people than Ted Kennedy's car!