Saturday, August 27, 2011

I don't hate islam because I listened to Abe

Obama-Allied Center For American Progress Blames Rich Jews For Stoking “Islamophobia” In America…

(American Thinker) — The Obama-allied Center for American Progress has released a report that blames Islamophobia in America on a small group of Jews and Israel supporters in America, whose views are being backed by millions of dollars. This “network”, according to the news release, have “have worked hard to push narratives that Obama might be a Muslim, that mosques are incubators of radicalization, and that “radical Islam” has infiltrated all aspects of American society — including the conservative movement.
Who are the figures mentioned as the promoters of prejudice? Most of them are prominent Jews and supporters of Israel, such as David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson (the founder of the Investigative Project on Terrorism). The eight foundations mentioned as funding this effort include are almost exclusively ones founded and funded by Jewish donors, and lest readers not be aware of this fact, the Center for American Progress lists not only the other beneficiaries of the charities and foundations (most of them having Jewish or Israel in the title) but also goes to the trouble of naming the individuals behind these charities — not just the donors but also those who serve on the boards.
Why include this additional information except to highlight that Jewish people are behind this effort to “defame” Muslims? By “outing” the people involved, the report puts endangers them. Furthermore, this “report” relies on the conspiracy and age-old anti-Semitic trope that Jews fan prejudice towards others and promotes divisions for their own nefarious purposes (to support Israel in this case). This mindset is straight out of Mein Kampf.
The report also stokes the view that rich Jews operate behind the scenes and use their wealth to control the media and government policy (politicians are also mentioned as being ensnared in this web).
The Center for American Progress was founded by Herbert and Marion Sandler (prominent mortgage bubble billionaires who partner with George Soros in his political activities). The Center for American Progress to a great extent is funded by George Soros and his Open Society Institute. George Soros is a fierce opponent of Israel and alleges that the Israel “lobby” all but controls American foreign policy. This view is echoed by Stephen Walt who flags this report in his column at the Foreign Policy website.
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I think phobia doesn't accurately describe what we're feeling here as the word basically means an "irrational fear".
I'm pretty sure that most Americans don't dislike (or hate, in my case) islam because they've been listening to a bunch of rich Jews. I think it might be because of a declared war by them against us, as well asTWO attacks on the World Trade Center, the Beirut barracks bombing, the bombing of the USS Cole, and numerous (way too fucking many to list here) terrorist attcks over the years.
Then you throw in the fact that they've not only pretty much taken over Europe and is trying to turn it into the same shit holes they came from and is going to do the same here and then you gotta wonder just what ISN'T there to hate about the motherfuckers?


Anonymous said...

All those terror attacks you mentioned were really jews disguised as muslims
Paul in Texas

Holger Awakens said...

So, if I follow the logic of this article, a rich Jew, like you know...Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is behind the Islamophobia - it's know what with Bloomberg banning clergy at 9/11 ceremonies, ensuring that a Muslim mosque is built at Ground Zero and that every gun shop is shut down in this country. Sure is "sneaky" isn't he?

These pussies wouldn't know Jihad if it cut their head off.


wirecutter said...

Nobody ever suggested that muslims are smart.
One nice thing about articles like that is they're lettingthe rest of the world know how fucking dumb they really are.