Friday, August 26, 2011

I hate this bastard

TEHRAN — An Iranian official has announced once again that U.S. filmmaker Michael Moore plans to visit Iran in autumn.
“He has asked [for permission] to travel to Iran, and we are trying to invite him to the Cinéma Vérité,” Deputy Culture Minister for Cinematic Affairs Javad Shamaqdari said during a meeting at the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) in Tehran on Wednesday.
The Cinéma Vérité is an Iranian international festival for documentary films, which is organized by the DEFC.
“Michael Moore has said that he has watched some Iranian films, which were very special for him,” Shamaqdari said.
“He said that he has never had such an image of Iran as was shown in the films, and that he was astonished to see Iranian youth skiing and going to coffee shops,” he added.
“He has said that he wants to visit Iran to do research about the country. In addition, he is an opponent of U.S. government policies and he wants to show his objection by traveling to Iran,” Shamaqdari stated.


Maybe the motherfucker can reminence with Hanoi Jane about their experiences while enjoying a post-coital cigarette.
When I did a google search for the picture, I saw one with him waving a little American flag. No fucking way in hell would I disgrace our Nations' flag like that.
So I picked the one I did solely because after picture #3 I was already sick of looking at his face.


orbitup said...

Goebbels fan convention?

drjim said...

You don't hate that prick as much as I do....

Well, maybe you do, seeing as you're a real American!

Josh K. said...

You forgot to add fat and dumb in the title. Bastard just implies that his mom couldn't figure out who his dad was.


Al from FL said...

He should take that rubber glove and stick it up his own ass. Maybe he'll find his head up there..

BobG said...

I'm trying not to think of why he is putting on that rubber glove...

Anoun Amouse said...

When he gets there time to light up the blogosphere with stories of him being deep cover CIA. Maybe he'll wind up with his throat slit. On youtube. Now that would be a good final ending to that fucktard.

IntoForever said...

Amazing that with all his 'documentaries' he's never done one on obesity.