Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miss Ann speaks



Ironmonkey said...

The riots started when a black drug dealer got shot by police. A protest turned into riots and looting, people demanding justice and a new TV. From there it snowballed. Monkey see monkey do. It was mainly black unemployed at first, then more and more copied, until any fuckwit joined in. The white people are mainly chavs, basically what you know as trailer trash.
Be careful believing what you read in the press, they will present the view they want to. the same press calling for the police to get tough on the rioters, are now bleating about them doing so. They are picking up on certain aspects of the rioters, to make it look like what it isnt. I know people in the met', the majority of the rioters are exactly who you'd expect them to be.

Phillip said...

I made the comment to my wife tonight: I wonder what they'd say if we could resurrect a few old Texas Rangers, and set them down in London with their horses and equipment. I mean, they used to say "One Riot, One Ranger", so if we got about seven or so... Once they'd shot, beaten, and hanged a few of those rioters, I bet the riots would stop pretty dang quick.

Just need a few men with balls enough to do what needs to be done.

drjim said...

""Just need a few men with balls enough to do what needs to be done.""

Seems like that's what's always needed. especially these days.