Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More 357 action from MSgt. B

I know, it's a beautiful thing.


Sven said...

No offense to Junior there, but he had better learn to re-engage his target without totally turning loose of his off hand grip. In a real life, SHTF situation, he would most likely lose his piece...and his life.

OTOH, the young man has a strong stance and steady fire rate. God bless'um all. May they all come home safe and sound in body and mind.

MSgt said...

Wow. I'm a f**kin' celebrity now.
Thanks, Wirecutter.

LOL, The very first comment is Sven busting my balls about my grip.

Sven, you're absolutley right.
Day 1, 50 rounds with the stock grip = bruised palm.(That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)
The video is Day 2 with a Hogue aftermarket grip, and my palm was still sore as hell.

Howie Honky said...

The fiery ring looks like the eye of Sauron!