Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My work day

Shit was all fucked up.
(And every man and most women just grinned and nodded their heads as they read that. Y'all understood immediately what kind of a day it was.)

I won't go into detail about it - mainly because work is at work and my ass is at home in my Camouflage BassPro Easy Chair - but let me say this:
Had I been the boss today, I would've burned the fucking place down to the ground and retired to the nearest tavern.
It wasn't as long as I figured it to be, I only got an hour and a half of OT so that makes an 11 1/2 hour day with an hour drive each way.
And in a half an hour I get to go to bed so I can do it again tomorrow.


drjim said...

Had the same crappy day here, too. We had our first "training" session in the Launch Control Center (it's like Mission Control), and the managers FINALLY got to see all the problems we've been telling them about for months.
I was running around resetting passwords for people who forgot theirs, creating network accounts for new people, trying to explain why things weren't working, when I've been sending memos for the last TWO FUCKING MONTHS about this shit.
I swear, our managers make the Keystone Kops look organized. I'm up to my asshole in computer and network problems, trying to keep everybody happy, when the #2 guy starts complaining that the Translator needs a fucking table!
Excuse me? Do I look like a fucking furniture company?
At least I have a job, which is something, but man, these "managers" have their fucking heads so far up their own asses they can see their tonsils.

Oh yeah, and FUCK OBAMA!

Bushwack said...

Quit yer fuckin whining. I get 13 hr days EVERY FUCKIN day, and I am the boss but they took my lighter away :-(

Good thing about going to sleep at night, it's a new day when ya wake up. Hang in there brother idiocy is temporary in most... Hopefully yours will come to their senses today.

Tattoo Jim said...

Now wouldn't be a good time to talk about my being retired, would it???? Maybe I'll just say "FUCK OBAMA... AND ALL THE REST OF THEM ASSHOLES IN CONGRESS!"

Mark in KC said...

One of my favorite bands The Bottle Rockets

Bella said...

It will all get better when they work you to death, or you just die. Hopefully you get to that almighty pension...should it ever exist?? Or you'll be on the dole.

Hope I made you feel better.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a bitch

- My name is Fuck You, track me like you do all the others you don't agree with you DHS wannabe