Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh yeah, he's cool.


  1. Just another dude planning his day, wondering what video game he should steal so he can then go hop back to his mom's basement for a day of fun, fun, fun.

  2. That little cocksucker wouldn't leave the house dressed like that even if I had to walk his ass to school!!!!

  3. I told my son that I would slap tack his pants up if I ever saw this on him.

  4. What's the matter?

    I look HOT when I wear my pants like that, bro.

    Chicks dig it.

  5. Bill Engvall said he told one of his daughter's suitors that if he was having trouble keeping his pants up, he had a nail gun that would fix it.

  6. Now,now, let's use a little restraint here! This young man is not a thug, but a victim. He is the first recipient of the University of California / Berkley medical teams' newest procedure. they have successfully grafter the upper torso of a five foot, ten inch teenager, to the lower torso of a 50 year old dwarf.

    No one knows yet if there will be a practical application for this procedure, however, it was paid for by taxpayer-funded grants, so what the hell.


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